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SKU:   171
Lavender Bath Gift Set
An aromatic and thoughtful gift! Lavender is one of the world most popular oils and a delight to use; this set makes a great gift for any occasion.
Price:   $25.99

SKU:   172
Rosemary Bath Gift Set
An attractive and useful gift for a special occasion or just because you care; Rosemary oil is especially valuable for care of the hair and scalp.
Price:   $22.99

SKU:   170
Geranium Bath Gift Set
A thoughtful gift...or pamper yourself with this fragrant, natural bath set; geranium oil is an important essential oil and helpful for any skin type.
Price:   $29.99

SKU:   173
Tea Tree Bath Gift Set
ea Tree Oil is an undeniably useful and versatile essential oil; it is gentle and non-toxic to human skin. This bath set is an excellent combination to soothe troubled skin.
Price:   $22.99

SKU:   655
Prairie Mint Foot Scrub & Soak 30 gm packet
A true delight for the senses - an invigorating foot scrub and soak designed just for feet; it feels and smells great.
Price:   $4.75

SKU:   960
Lavender Relief - 3.5 oz
Hard to live without - Lavender Relief Essential Oil Gel has a mirad of uses.
Price:   $14.99

SKU:   962
Super Tea Tree 3.5 airless pump
Delivering the benefits of Tea Tree Gel in an extra-strength formula, a great complexion product! Stands on it's lid so it's easier to use.
Price:   $13.95

SKU:   915
E. O. Paint .5 oz
A synergistic blend of carefully selected essential oils, crafted in the perfect proportions to make it highly versatile and effective.
Price:   $9.99

SKU:   600
Lavender Lite Massage & Body Oil 4 oz
A light and pleasing massage and body oil with a subtle hint of natural lavender oil.
Price:   $6.99

SKU:   630
Lavender Massage & Body Oil 4 oz
An aromatic massage and body oil with enough lavender oil to effectively deliver it's many benefits to the skin and body.
Price:   $8.99

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