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SKU:   52
$50 Gift Certificate
Need a quick gift? We can e-mail this gift certificate to any e-mail address you provide within hours of your order or get one in the mail asap to any postal address you provide.
Price:   $50.00

SKU:   080
Pure Prairie Soap (with Shea Butter) 4.5 oz
"Purity your skin will notice" An all-natural, fragrance-free soap with a rich and luxurious lather. Pure Prairie Soap cleans gently with nothing added to irritate the skin.
Price:   $5.99

SKU:   085
Pure Prairie Soap Stack
FIVE full-sized bars of 100% natural and fragrance-free soap; the "Stack" is an attractive and economical way to purchase and store Pure Prairie Soap.
Price:   $26.99

SKU:   082
Sophie Soap 8 oz pump
A versatile all-natural, unscented liquid soap. The ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, (MCS) multiple chemical sensitivities or the environmentally conscientious.
Price:   $10.99

SKU:   084
Sophie Soap 16 oz
A larger version of this delightful liquid soap. Our Castile liquid soap has been formulated with only the finest of natural ingredients to protect your skin, your health and our planet.
Price:   $14.99

SKU:   520
"No Lavender" Baby Balm 2.25 oz
By request, our all-natural and fragrance-free Baby Balm without the light touch of Lavender Essential Oil that was in the orginal formula.
Price:   $8.99

SKU:   523
Travel size "No Lavender" Baby Balm .25 oz
Any easy way to try or to travel with our all-natural and "No Lavender" Baby Balm formula.
Price:   $2.50

SKU:   150
Natural Baby Gift Basket
Gentle, natural baby care products combined with beautiful lullabies and something fun for baby and parent to share, make this basket an ideal baby gift.
Price:   $44.99

SKU:   151
Natural Baby Bath Set
"Every child deserves Dakota Free"...this chemical free bath set is designed to pamper a baby's delicate skin.
Price:   $22.99

SKU:   619
Fragrance-Free Massage & Baby Oil 4 oz
A healthy, all-natural and unscented alternative to commercial baby oils or mineral oil products.
Price:   $6.99

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