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SKU:   52
$50 Gift Certificate
Need a quick gift? We can e-mail this gift certificate to any e-mail address you provide within hours of your order or get one in the mail asap to any postal address you provide.
Price:   $50.00

SKU:   171
Lavender Bath Gift Set
An aromatic and thoughtful gift! Lavender is one of the world most popular oils and a delight to use; this set makes a great gift for any occasion.
Price:   $27.99

SKU:   172
Rosemary Bath Gift Set
An attractive and useful gift for a special occasion or just because you care; Rosemary oil is especially valuable for care of the hair and scalp.
Price:   $23.99

SKU:   170
Geranium Bath Gift Set
A thoughtful gift...or pamper yourself with this fragrant, natural bath set; geranium oil is an important essential oil and helpful for any skin type.
Price:   $30.99

SKU:   173
Tea Tree Bath Gift Set
ea Tree Oil is an undeniably useful and versatile essential oil; it is gentle and non-toxic to human skin. This bath set is an excellent combination to soothe troubled skin.
Price:   $23.99

SKU:   182
Foot Care Kit
Give the gift of happy feet with the many skin pampering products in this deluxe foot care kit...or buy it for yourself, to fend off the effects of time and the elements.
Price:   $62.99

SKU:   126
Spa Set
Treat them right, or treat yourself to these delightful home spa products. A perfect gift!
Price:   $35.99

SKU:   100
Wild Rose Gift Basket
"Draw a bath, pour a cup of tea and pamper her with Dakota Free" this basket makes a beautiful gift for any occasion
Price:   $37.99

SKU:   130
Fragrance-Free Bath Basket
Packed full of "good to skin and good for the body"... With an assortment of fragrance-free, all natural products, it's the perfect gift for those with dry, sensitive or allergy prone skin.
Price:   $69.99

SKU:   160
''Cup O' Dakota'' Gift Set
Warm someone's heart with this oversized, cobalt blue, lead-free cup filled with Dakota Free goodness.
Price:   $29.99

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