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SKU:   050
No Soap Cleansing Cloth for Face & Body
Completely non-drying. Reusable & Environmentally Responsible. Ideal for people with multiple allergies, fragile skin or those who can not use soaps on their skin.
Price:   $10.99

SKU:   353
Dakota Free Soap Sampler
A economical way to experience the Dakota Free Difference and sample each of our three,100% natural, handmade bar soaps. Retail value of the soap if purchased separately is $17.97
Price:   $16.99

SKU:   088
Organic Sunflower Soap 4 oz
What could be better? Organic soap with a delightful lather and without any perfumes or fragrance.
Price:   $5.99

SKU:   076
Organic Sunflower Soap Stack
FIVE full-sized bars of organic, gluten-free, fragrance-free soap; the "Stack" is an attractive and economical way to purchase and store Dakota Free Organic Sunflower Soap.
Price:   $26.99

SKU:   087
Pure Prairie Soap Shreds 1 lb
Pre-shredded soap for your convenience.
Price:   $6.99

SKU:   078
Babassu Bar Soap 4.5 oz
Coconut-Free, Nut-Free, 100% natural, long-lasting, handmade head-to-toe soap.
Price:   $5.99

SKU:   075
Babassu Soap Stack
The best buy, with FIVE full-sized bars of Coconut-Free, Nut-Free, 100% natural Babassu Bar soap. This "Stack" is an attractive and economical way to buy this unique soap.
Price:   $26.99

SKU:   651
Sweet Body Scrub 85 gm packet
A luxurious, exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub with natural sugars, emollients and vitamin E to help your skin look and feel it's very best.
Price:   $4.99

SKU:   060
Fragrance-Free Bath Crystals 6 oz
All-natural, unscented mineral bath salts combined with an emollient to soothe skin while you bathe.
Price:   $9.99

SKU:   061
Fragrance-Free Bath Crystal Refill 6 oz
A handy refill packet for Dakota Free Fragrance-Free Bath Crystals; designed to be easier on the environment and on your pocket book.
Price:   $5.99

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