Millennial Essentials Tea Tree Gel 3.5 oz airless pump

The benefits of Australian Tea Tree oil and the convenience of a gel. This tube stands on it's lid to make using Tea Tree Gel easier.
SKU: 961

Dakota Free Tea Tree Gel combines the many benefits of all-natural Tea Tree Oil with the convenience of a non-drip gel and the skin friendly properties of Aloe Vera. 

Tea tree oil is gentle and non-toxic to human skin. This formula is easy to use and non-greasy with so many helpful applications for skin, scalp and nails. 

Use Tips: 

-Easy way to keep your skin clear and free of blemishes and pimples. 
-Use to soothe and diminish sun burn, minor burns and razor burn. 
-Helps insect bites, rash, itching and other skin troubles. 
-Makes a great aftershave substitute. 
-Helps relieve an itching scalp. 
-Ideal first aid kit component for bird watchers, sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts of any type. 


Apply to the skin, scalp or nails; reapply as often as desired. 

As an aftershave - apply a thin layer of Tea Tree Gel to the skin after shaving. Do not rinse off the Tea Tree Gel. 
The Tea Tree Gel can be reapplied as often as desired to soothe small nicks and razor burn. 

Also available as an extra strength version called "Super Tea Tree".

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