Millennial Essentials Lavender Oil 10 ml

One of the world's most popular aromatic oils because of its flowery lavender scent, many skin friendly uses and overall gentleness.
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100% pure and undiluted lavender oil produced by steam distillation and without the use of any solvents; it is extracted from flowers of the lavender plant.

Check out the archives of the "Prairie Inspiration" Newsletter for a recipe to make your own Lavender Linen Mist.

Lavender is one of the world's most popular aromatic essential oils and has multiple uses within the home. It is useful for any skin type.

Lavender oil is widely used in aromatherapy to calm, soothe and lighten a person's mood. It is an indispensable oil and a delight to use.

-One drop will flavor an entire recipe or a whole pot of herbal tea.
-Add by the drop to your favorite carrier oil, moisturizer, or other personal care product.
-Add 2-3 drops to a tub of warm bath water.
-Add by the drop to laundry products or dish soap.
-Makes a wonderful alternative to perfumed, petroleum-based air fresheners and room sprays.
-Add by the drop to any essential oil diffuser, potpourri simmering pot or to a pan of steaming water on the stove to scent the entire room.

Precautions: Lavender essential oil is generally diluted well before use, however it is often used full strength for problems like insect bites. Wash your hands immediately after using to prevent contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children who may accidentally drink the oils.

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