Millennial Essentials Countenance Facial Cleansing Powder 2.25 oz

Gentle, soap-free, non-drying cleanser for your face and neck containing only what's good for your skin - no chemicals.
SKU: 921

Millennial Essentials facial care products are kind to your skin and kind to our planet.

This paraben-free, detergent and soap-free, 100% natural cleanser is designed especially for the face and neck.

This gentle combination of special clays, soothing aloe vera, rose hips and emollient, certified gluten-free oat powder is
ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Use Countenance Facial Cleansing Powder as often as desired to clean, with lower stress to your skin and to impart a silky soft feel.

At Dakota Free Products we take the integrity of our products seriously and track the allergen status of our ingredients so that you can use the products with confidence.


Millennial Essentials - integrity in skin care; bringing you innovative, luxury products. 

Every Dakota Free Product is gluten-free and wheat-free. They are the perfect skincare line for those with Celiac Disease, Dermatitis herpetiformis or a wheat allergy.  


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