Dakota Free Pure Prairie Soap Stack

FIVE full-sized bars of 100% natural and fragrance-free soap; the "Stack" is an attractive and economical way to purchase and store Pure Prairie Soap.
SKU: 085

All Soaps are not created equal and it is hard to find an all-natural, gluten-free, handmade, fragrance-free, vegetarian soap. Pure Prairie Soap is all this and more. 

The Soap Stack offers you a way to buy this exceptional soap in bulk, a nice saving over buying the bars separately. The Stack also makes a great gift! 

100% natural, gluten-free, latex-free, unscented soap and truly an all purpose cleanser; it cleans thoroughly, yet gently, working equally well for shampoo, shaving, face and body soap. 

Most commercial bars are made of detergents and chemicals instead of soap. Even when the label says it's soap, most brands contain additives and the glycerin produced naturally during the soap making process is usually separated out and sold for other purposes. 

In Pure Prairie Soap, the natural glycerin is kept intact; glycerin has a moisturizing effect on both skin and hair and is very desirable in soap. 

Try this exceptional chemical-free soap and experience the Dakota Free difference for yourself. 

To use for shampooing hair: 
Wet your hair and the bar of Pure Prairie Soap. Starting at your hairline, stroke the wet Pure Prairie Soap bar along the length of your hair 10-12 times. Set down the bar of Pure Prairie Soap and massage onto the scalp, working through the hair like you would any shampoo. Rinse well with clean water.

Chemical Free Skin Care & Bath Product for a Healthier Life. 

This unscented product is ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid synthetic chemicals, including those with environmental illness, chemical sensitivities or TILT (Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance).

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