Dakota Free Prairie Mint Foot Scrub & Soak 30 gm packet

A true delight for the senses - an invigorating foot scrub and soak designed just for feet; it feels and smells great.
SKU: 655

The product was designed just for feet, and feet love it!

It is simple to use, has many benefits and is truly a pleasure for the senses. Give it a chance and see what it can do for dry, cracked, calloused or itching feet.

Prairie Mint Foot Scrub & Soak contains both organic Hazelmint and Rosemary essential oils that work together for your benefit while giving it a subtle and delightful natural scent.

Single use packet contains a generous amount - enough for two if you have the desire and opportunity to share.

Use tips:

-Exfoliates, increases circulation and feels great.
-Hazel Mint and Rosemary oils benefit toenails, itchy toes and cracked feet.
-To use as a foot soak only, add to warm water and let the crystals dissolve before soaking feet.
-Treat yourself to a full body soak.


Contains salt, do not use on broken skin.
Not designed for use on the face - use Dakota Free Facial Cleanser, Scrub & Mask instead.
For external use only.

At Dakota Free Products we take the integrity of our products seriously and track the allergen status of our ingredients so that you can use the products with confidence.

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