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Dakota Free Rosemary Bath Gift Set

An attractive and useful gift for a special occasion or just because you care; Rosemary oil is especially valuable for care of the hair and scalp.

Dakota Free Solid Stick Deodorant .5 oz Travel Size

An effective and healthy alternative to commercial deodorants.

Dakota Free Solid Stick Deodorant 2 oz

A deodorant designed for health and for sensitive skin. Does not contain aluminum, perfumes, parabens or propylene glycol.

Dakota Free Sophie Soap 16 oz

A larger version of this delightful liquid soap. Our Castile liquid soap has been formulated with only the finest of natural ingredients to protect your skin, your health and our planet.

Dakota Free Sophie Soap 8 oz pump

A versatile all-natural, unscented liquid soap. The ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, (MCS) multiple chemical sensitivities or the environmentally conscientious.

Dakota Free Spa Set

Treat them right, or treat yourself to these delightful home spa products. A perfect gift!