Dakota Free "Baby Your Skin" Baby Balm 2.25 oz

Baby skin of any age with this versatile all-natural and fragrance-free balm.
SKU: 510

This versatile skin salve is welcome relief for any area of skin that needs extra protection or moisturizing. 

Originally designed for baby skin, it is popular with people of all ages and occupations. This excellent balm is used to moisturize, soothe and protect skin, while it promotes healing and is a big help for anyone with hard working hands. 

Directions for use: 
Apply after bathing and as often as desired to any area of skin. 

Product use tips: 
-Apply to both hands before gardening to protect the skin. 
-Use as often as needed and especially before bedtime to soothe and help hardworking hands get ready for the next work day. 
-Perfect for use on rough or cracking feet, hands, knees & elbows. 
-Makes a great facial night cream, especially around the eyes. 
-Use to soothe areas of dry, scaling or itching skin. 
-Ideal for mechanics, ranchers, farmers or anyone who works with their hands. 

-May also be used on hair as a gluten-free, all natural hair wax or pomade providing moisture, shine, static control and some hold. Rub first on your hands and then work into damp or dry hair. For the best styling results, do not use directly on the scalp or on the hair nearest the scalp. Style as desired.


"Chemical free" nontoxic skin care product.

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