Rosemary Oil:

100% pure and undiluted rosemary oil(Rosemarinus Officinalis)


Fragrance Free Bath Crystals:

Magnesium salts, sodium salts, corn starch and vegetable glycerin (from palm).


Pure Prairie Bar Soap:

Palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, expeller pressed safflower oil and shea butter that has been saponified. Saponification is the process of turning fats into soap, as it has been done for centuries, using distilled water and a strong alkali; in this case, sodium hydroxide, commonly called lye. Once the soap has cured, there is no free lye left. The fat and lye have reacted together, changed their structures, so they are no longer fat and lye. Instead, the separate ingredients have become a gentle, luxurious soap-Pure Prairie Soap.