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Travel Bath Pack

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Good for you and good for our planet...

Five travel-size products, packaged in a compostable bag. This value pack makes it easy to be gluten-free and perfume-free when you travel.

It's also an ideal and cost effective way to try a variety of Dakota Free Bath products and experience the benefits of natural skin care.

The pack includes these five products:

Fragrance-Free Moisturizer 2 oz
"Baby Your Skin" Balm .25 oz
Pure Prairie Soap Travel-size bar .75 oz
Fragrance-free Bath Crystals travel-size .75 oz
Travel-size Solid Stick Deodorant .5 oz
See ingredient listing for the individual products. All products in the bath pack are gluten free.
Attribute & Allergen Checklist:
Perfume-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes
Vegan: the Pure Prairie Soap, Moisturizing Aloe Gel and Bath Crystals are vegan - the Baby Balm and Solid Stick Deodorant contains beeswax and are vegetarian.
Vegetarian: Yes
Made in the USA: Yes
Animal testing used: No
Organic Ingredients: Yes
Feingold Program Standards: Yes
Contains Essential Oils: Yes - Baby Balm and Solid Stick Deodorant contain essential oils
All Natural: The Baby Balm, Pure Prairie Soap and Bath Crystals are 100% natural, the Moisturizing Aloe Gel is 99.9% natural.
Paraben Free: Yes
Alcohol Free: Yes
Dye Free: Yes
Tree Nut Free: No - coconut oil & shea butter in the Pure Prairie Soap
Peanut Free: Yes
Citrus Free: No - Baby Your Skin Balm contains grapefruit seed extract.
Corn Free: No - corn starch in the bath crystals & xanthan gum in the aloe gel
Soy Free: No
Shellfish & fish derivative Free: Yes
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