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A short introduction to the human health issues related to the use of synthetic fragrance and perfume.
More detailed information on the health effects of synthetic perfume and fragrance use.
Link to an article on the use and benefits of tea tree oil.
Information on why children are more susceptible than adults to the negative health effects of pesticides.
A PBS report on the negative health effects of commonly used synthetic chemicals. 
Highlights and explains the potential of synthetic chemicals to effect children's health.
Crane Creek Gardens: their bath potpourris and their orange potpourri are all natural.
Maker of FRESH CAB™, a natural product offensive to mice, flies, and moths—yet pleasant to use for people.
Nirvana Safe Haven: information and products to help create a healing and healthy environment.
"All About Cowboys for Kids Video"
Memorial to Cindy Duehring for her faith, extraordinary courage and contribution.
Crosby ND home page and "The Journal" on line.
A wellness clinic website with a useful natural health library. Discover interesting pathways for optimizing health, maximizing life and preventing disease.
Award winning site for people with Crohn's Disease. Much of the information will be helpful to others coping with chronic disease. Includes information and resources to help cope with the stress caused by chronic disease.
Your access to unique Dakota-made gifts and products.